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Sport Buffs.

Lauren, Devon and I are going to the Calgary Winterclub to play badminton and to go swimming =). (Being the sports buffs we are, yup.) I love hanging out with friends, every day I hang with them is my new favourite day, seriously, I love them to death. I think we could be sitting in an empty room and have the best time of our life. Or we could be drinking virgin Purple Nurples until we get so drunk we can't see straight. We can be walking a million blocks and make it feel like one. We can be together and make it through anything, we are just that tight.

There's those people who can sell out their friends whom they've known for a life time for some guy or girl they met 2 minutes ago. It's sad, really. But if you can do that, you were never a good friend, you never had a good friend, you don't really have friends, all you have is a want for a higher feeling with in yourself. And honestly that's pathetic.

I wouldn't give up my friends or family for the world, because they are my world, they're my support system and keep me for driving myself mad, by driving me mad with their own antics =P. And I would be a moron for giving that up. I could have nothing and have everything with love and friendship, and when I spend time with my buds, I realize how much they really mean to me.

So go out today and hang out with your friend, stop being so "emo," and open you eyes for you eyeliner covered lids and see what the world is about, it's not going to revolve around you 24/7, it revolves around moments with the ones you love.
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