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Best day everrr.

Today was the best. I got to spend the day with the greatest friends in the WORLD. Soooo, what we did, ok, let's see. Well we all got out early so we could go run to catch the early bus. Me Devon and Annie got out first, we went and got everyone from their classes, like Daniel, Caleb, Lauren and Shannon. Then we waited a few minutes before the bell rang before booking it outside. Caleb and Daniel got caught by Mrs.Pitcher and had to explain where we were going. So Devon stayed behind and walked with Caleb and Daniel to the Tim Hortons, me Lauren and Annie waited and raved about what idoits they were. :S. But they got their, and we ordered quickly and left.

I've got to post some photos to explain but seriously it was so funnny, we played dress up and pimped Devon out in a Tutu, sunglasses and a Tiara, mannn, Good times.

Post back later with the pics.
Tags: bus., dress up, tim hortons
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