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Mhm good.

Okay, sooo. I just made like 10 kentucky fried steaks. I did not eat one. I don't know why, I can't eat something right after I make it, maybe in like...10 minutes I will, LOL. So these steaks look ok, they're not the prettiest, and they smell good, and they taste pretty damn good. They're a little oily and about medium cooked. I left them in the fridge so perhaps they can harden up a bit XD. I am such a loser.

I really want to do something, it's only like 1:20 in the afternoon. Goshes, I have no HW, and nothing really to study, except math. But I forgot my binder. So that's a no. And who am I kidding, I never study, and my math mark is not half bad, A-, for like no studying...I'm pretty proud of myself. I should probably study some science though. I usually get around A- or B+, not too bad also, but if want Honoroll, I need to bump it up and keep it at an A-. Wow, I sound like a nerd, I'll stop talking about my grades.

I was watching Dateline last night, and there was this story about these 3 teens, and one was a guy and the other 2 were girls. The guy's name was Cory, and one of the girls names was Sara, and the other was Adreaine. So it's complicated but Cory was in love with Sara, but Sara just wanted to be friends and stuff, but those 2 were like BEST friends. Adreaine came to their school as a new student and became friends with Cory and Sara. She started making moves on Cory, which pissed off Sara. So the end result was that Sara and Adreaine had a fight in the back seat of Sara's car, and Cory supposedly just watched, and Sara ended up killing Adreaine. So Cory and Sara, tried to burn the body, didn't work, so they got another kid from their school to come and cut it up, and they sat their watched as he did it, and then they hid the body. When I saw that story I was revolted. It was just so disgusting. There some really stupid people out there. And there's a lot more behind the story, but that was the main idea. Over some stupid boy, a stupid boy who watched the whole murder go down. I'm seriously kind of pissed just writing about this, but if you want to ask me about it, I'll explain it. So now Cory and Adreaine are in jail for like 45-53 years, Pfft, good luck.

Sad story for some sad people.
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