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A lot of fun.

I haven't posted an actual entry is here since like summer :P. I post more in my comms. But I guess I should post a bit about me in case someone would want to friend a loser like me :D. Well let's see. I'm a simple person, really. I am amused by the smallest things, I'll think about them for weeks. Like just on Friday me and my 2 friends Devon and Lauren WALKED to Totem and Tim Hortons, which is like a good 12 blocks, LOL. But it felt like nothing we had so much fun. I click good with people. My friend Lauren has told be lots of times that she feels uncomfortable around guys when I'm not around. Maybe because she's just so damn gorgeous??? But I never really noticed how I fill in silence, I guess there really never is silence when I'm around. There were also these 2 old people at Tim Hortons, and the old woman had a "Roll up to win," cup, and she rolled it, and she said out loud, "Play again." Her husband was quite angered and went, "SHIT! That Bullshit!" then they both left, and we all laughed choking on our drinks. Well after we walked back to Lauren's house, and watched some Supernatural and Jensen on Jimmy Kimmel, (both earlier recorded,) Devon got into, even though he really hates how much me and Lauren talk about it. He commented on their car, which made me happy. And he also commented on how he liked Sam's hair, also made me smile :). And he said that Jared was on steroids when he saw his huge arms, XD. I laughed. And Lauren was completely speachless, likely...Devon also liked Jensen's suit on Kimmel, me and Lauren agreed COMPLETELY ;).

We worked on a project and had a blast, and it's amazing how much friends can really do for you, and how much happiness they can bring. I'll never be sad when they're around. I learned some sad news about Devon that day, heart breaking actually, And I went around all day being super careful about what I said to him, or did to him. But after school that was all demolished, he had gotten over it, well as far as he could, but I'm sure it made him a better person, and not like many guys I know, he knows how to treat a girl, and how to be a true person in general, he's honest, and smart, and really just the greatest friend you could ever ask for. And for all the people who disagree, you're the ones missing out, cause Devon is a star.
Tags: friends, impala, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, jimmy kimmel, supernatural, tim hortons, totem
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