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I put together this small piece of writing a really long time ago, it was inspired but the picture above. It's about Jared {well duh,} It comes from the point of view of a girl, the girl is just some random chick, the rating is a little on the P.G. side, this isn't really a fic, more like a poem.

Enjoy ;)

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She breathed him in, his scent was a smoky sweat.

He smelled like fire

It was bold and daring,

she wanted to venture him.

His breathing was fast, and triggered.

Maybe she was just hearing things?

Her head was buried in his chest,



It slowed.

He opened his eyes,

the glare from them kept her speechless.

The night before, he gave her intimacy,

a thing far harder to find than sex.

She lay in his arms all night,

her heart thrashing,

paining, wanting him.

His hair was spread over his forehead,

his eyes flashed out from beneath,

sending her a signals,

he was her fixation,

her fantasy,

and all her dreams,

they were pulled together to fit,

to make her complete,

to make her lust,

to make her want something that never really was there.....
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