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I'm heading off to England today.

I'm in a terrible mood. I know this sounds really like rude or whatever, but me...Not the biggest fan of England. NOTHING AGAINST ENGLAND! Okay, just me, I'm set in my ways, I love life here in Calgary, I loved life in Florida, Heck I loved life in Berlin. But England is different. I love how there's alot of culture and stuff there, but really it's not for me. I'm going for a wedding, so I don't know :P. Supernatural has already arrived there, I think Part one has already, I'm not sure if a DVD from there will work here, but I'll see.

I'm going to really try to enjoy England, just because, this is my fleeting pleasure of summer, and I guess I'll jump onto the bandwagon.

Well hope the rest of you guys are having a decent summer!


I'll be packing.
Tags: england, summer
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