Soo, my real post in a really long time. Sorry, I can't keep very consistent with these, BUT, for the next month I'm going to as MUCH as possible write in here, and if I can accomplish that I shall add some more friends. I most use LJ for comms. and such, but I might as well TRY to use it to make some new friends. =P.

Today...Didn't do very much, woke up at 12:30 PM, nice nice. Then I went to the mall with my mom and my sister, I of course did not get anything, seeing as I am so picky, nothing contents me. Tomorrow, if I have time, I shall take photos of my summer purchases =). When I got home, I had a check up with my doctor, went to that--yada yada yada. Came home, went out to Best Buy to buy House season 3, I've seen basically every episode except 2...? I watched some and now I'm bored stiff. STIFF.

I guess I'll ramble about a certain Jonathan Rhys Meyers interview that I read today, mind you, I'm an incredibly huge fan of him, (though I'm not as obsessive with it like my other actors and shows,) when I read this interview I did not know if I should be turned off or on but his very open and almost bitchy attitude, maybe I'm over reacting, but you know Irish ;). So I guess I'll share that interview with you all now?
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Sport Buffs.

Lauren, Devon and I are going to the Calgary Winterclub to play badminton and to go swimming =). (Being the sports buffs we are, yup.) I love hanging out with friends, every day I hang with them is my new favourite day, seriously, I love them to death. I think we could be sitting in an empty room and have the best time of our life. Or we could be drinking virgin Purple Nurples until we get so drunk we can't see straight. We can be walking a million blocks and make it feel like one. We can be together and make it through anything, we are just that tight.

There's those people who can sell out their friends whom they've known for a life time for some guy or girl they met 2 minutes ago. It's sad, really. But if you can do that, you were never a good friend, you never had a good friend, you don't really have friends, all you have is a want for a higher feeling with in yourself. And honestly that's pathetic.

I wouldn't give up my friends or family for the world, because they are my world, they're my support system and keep me for driving myself mad, by driving me mad with their own antics =P. And I would be a moron for giving that up. I could have nothing and have everything with love and friendship, and when I spend time with my buds, I realize how much they really mean to me.

So go out today and hang out with your friend, stop being so "emo," and open you eyes for you eyeliner covered lids and see what the world is about, it's not going to revolve around you 24/7, it revolves around moments with the ones you love.

Best day everrr.

Today was the best. I got to spend the day with the greatest friends in the WORLD. Soooo, what we did, ok, let's see. Well we all got out early so we could go run to catch the early bus. Me Devon and Annie got out first, we went and got everyone from their classes, like Daniel, Caleb, Lauren and Shannon. Then we waited a few minutes before the bell rang before booking it outside. Caleb and Daniel got caught by Mrs.Pitcher and had to explain where we were going. So Devon stayed behind and walked with Caleb and Daniel to the Tim Hortons, me Lauren and Annie waited and raved about what idoits they were. :S. But they got their, and we ordered quickly and left.

I've got to post some photos to explain but seriously it was so funnny, we played dress up and pimped Devon out in a Tutu, sunglasses and a Tiara, mannn, Good times.

Post back later with the pics.


Sooooooooo it's about 4:45, and well, I don't know what I am. I'm quite bored, and I actually wish I had some homework or something. My MSN is bust, so I have to get this disk to fix it :P:P, and I'm talking to my friends on Nexopia. People on Nex. are a bunch of losers, seriously, and saying that, I'm a loser. But you should read some of their forums. Seriously, we don't need to hear you say you just had dinner at Red Lobster you idoit, tell us something interesting we all want to hear. That crap is for your BLOG. XD. I'm a very judgemental person about people like that, and people who are just really stupid and put the most sexist and hurting posts about people up on there. It's amazing how much these people will say to complete strangers. I comment, on some of them, because I don't have anything better to do, but I try not to, because people will not stop harassing you.(RETARDS?)

Soooooooooooooooooooooo, I'm really kind of looking forward to school tomorrow. I don't know why but, I guess because we get to spend half the school day working on this science invention project, and I guess that'll be fun. Enough.


I'm totally clogging up my friends' pages with all this.

I won't write for another....Hm Hour.

Mhm good.

Okay, sooo. I just made like 10 kentucky fried steaks. I did not eat one. I don't know why, I can't eat something right after I make it, maybe in like...10 minutes I will, LOL. So these steaks look ok, they're not the prettiest, and they smell good, and they taste pretty damn good. They're a little oily and about medium cooked. I left them in the fridge so perhaps they can harden up a bit XD. I am such a loser.

I really want to do something, it's only like 1:20 in the afternoon. Goshes, I have no HW, and nothing really to study, except math. But I forgot my binder. So that's a no. And who am I kidding, I never study, and my math mark is not half bad, A-, for like no studying...I'm pretty proud of myself. I should probably study some science though. I usually get around A- or B+, not too bad also, but if want Honoroll, I need to bump it up and keep it at an A-. Wow, I sound like a nerd, I'll stop talking about my grades.

I was watching Dateline last night, and there was this story about these 3 teens, and one was a guy and the other 2 were girls. The guy's name was Cory, and one of the girls names was Sara, and the other was Adreaine. So it's complicated but Cory was in love with Sara, but Sara just wanted to be friends and stuff, but those 2 were like BEST friends. Adreaine came to their school as a new student and became friends with Cory and Sara. She started making moves on Cory, which pissed off Sara. So the end result was that Sara and Adreaine had a fight in the back seat of Sara's car, and Cory supposedly just watched, and Sara ended up killing Adreaine. So Cory and Sara, tried to burn the body, didn't work, so they got another kid from their school to come and cut it up, and they sat their watched as he did it, and then they hid the body. When I saw that story I was revolted. It was just so disgusting. There some really stupid people out there. And there's a lot more behind the story, but that was the main idea. Over some stupid boy, a stupid boy who watched the whole murder go down. I'm seriously kind of pissed just writing about this, but if you want to ask me about it, I'll explain it. So now Cory and Adreaine are in jail for like 45-53 years, Pfft, good luck.

Sad story for some sad people.

Have you ever....

Have you ever been so tired in the morning that you can't squeeze the tooth paste out of the god damn tube? I have. Have you ever just wanted the day to be over so that you could just relax, hell yes I have. But have you ever wanted to do the most dreadful thing ever just to get over with it? Yuppp. Well school for example, I get up at around 6 in the morning, get ready, and catch the city bus at around 7:20. The thing is with the city bus drivers, well they aren't getting paid too much, and that doesn't make them happy, so they follow their contracts WORD for WORD. So if the latest time they can arrive at the stop is 7:55, they'll arrive at 7:55. :@:@. Totally does not make me happy. I know I whine about lots of stuff, about school, about my homework, about lots of stuff, but seriously, it's not a death sentence, I get over it. And these grown adults, can't? Is that what you're telling a person of my younger youth? I'm soon going to be getting a job, and I hope it isn't going to be so terrible that I have to resort to complete 4 year old antics.

*SIGH* well enough about grumpy bus drivers.....:P. Well I get up every morning to go to school, and see my friends, they make it soooo much easier to get through 7 periods. Truly. In English I have my friend Sabrina who can make me laugh about a pen. We have had some of the greatest times, talking about Supernatural, stupid girls, and guys :P, talking about teachers, homework, and talking about how'll we'll marry Jared and Jensen ;), of course. It's fun to hang out with her and just release all stress and dimuning it to it's simplest form, the form of laughing at a pen. I also like talking to my friend Evan, as Sabrina says, "I wish I had a good guy friend...Girls can be stupid." And it's true. Maybe it's better for someone who knows nothing about a situtation and look at it, and tell you how dumb that is. And Evan does that, he makes my problems seem sooo small. Really, he just gives me the simplest solutions, those solutions you know make perfect sense but you just dont want to? Yup, well that's why I've got Evan. We talk about Supernatural too, sometimes it fun to talk about it really inteluctally, XD, you know with a girl it's all like "OMFG HE'S SO HOT!" well not with all girls, in my comms. we have our moments like that, but we usually are pretty serious about answering questions and stuff. But me and Evan look at their problems as if we had them. Man. That'd suck. That is the conclusion we make of their most of their problems, after long discussion.

Crap, laundry, be back on later.

A lot of fun.

I haven't posted an actual entry is here since like summer :P. I post more in my comms. But I guess I should post a bit about me in case someone would want to friend a loser like me :D. Well let's see. I'm a simple person, really. I am amused by the smallest things, I'll think about them for weeks. Like just on Friday me and my 2 friends Devon and Lauren WALKED to Totem and Tim Hortons, which is like a good 12 blocks, LOL. But it felt like nothing we had so much fun. I click good with people. My friend Lauren has told be lots of times that she feels uncomfortable around guys when I'm not around. Maybe because she's just so damn gorgeous??? But I never really noticed how I fill in silence, I guess there really never is silence when I'm around. There were also these 2 old people at Tim Hortons, and the old woman had a "Roll up to win," cup, and she rolled it, and she said out loud, "Play again." Her husband was quite angered and went, "SHIT! That Bullshit!" then they both left, and we all laughed choking on our drinks. Well after we walked back to Lauren's house, and watched some Supernatural and Jensen on Jimmy Kimmel, (both earlier recorded,) Devon got into, even though he really hates how much me and Lauren talk about it. He commented on their car, which made me happy. And he also commented on how he liked Sam's hair, also made me smile :). And he said that Jared was on steroids when he saw his huge arms, XD. I laughed. And Lauren was completely speachless, likely...Devon also liked Jensen's suit on Kimmel, me and Lauren agreed COMPLETELY ;).

We worked on a project and had a blast, and it's amazing how much friends can really do for you, and how much happiness they can bring. I'll never be sad when they're around. I learned some sad news about Devon that day, heart breaking actually, And I went around all day being super careful about what I said to him, or did to him. But after school that was all demolished, he had gotten over it, well as far as he could, but I'm sure it made him a better person, and not like many guys I know, he knows how to treat a girl, and how to be a true person in general, he's honest, and smart, and really just the greatest friend you could ever ask for. And for all the people who disagree, you're the ones missing out, cause Devon is a star.

What WE want to see on Supernatural

I thought this would be fun to do, I made a list of 25 things I want to see happen on Supernatural =D. If you guys want to answer the question of

What do you want to see on Supernatural?

And that’s exactly what you guys did!!! So here is the complete list with A LOT of stuff you want to see, I did not put down the author of these ideas, (sorry!) but lots people had similar ideas and such, and you’ll know if you wrote it ;). I also did not number the ones after 25 XD, mostly because I am very lazy, but we don’t need numbers to add up out love for Supernatural =D, (I’m so corny.)

Please feel free to add new ones in this post too!

So here it is. (No spoilers included here :))

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I'm heading off to England today.

I'm in a terrible mood. I know this sounds really like rude or whatever, but me...Not the biggest fan of England. NOTHING AGAINST ENGLAND! Okay, just me, I'm set in my ways, I love life here in Calgary, I loved life in Florida, Heck I loved life in Berlin. But England is different. I love how there's alot of culture and stuff there, but really it's not for me. I'm going for a wedding, so I don't know :P. Supernatural has already arrived there, I think Part one has already, I'm not sure if a DVD from there will work here, but I'll see.

I'm going to really try to enjoy England, just because, this is my fleeting pleasure of summer, and I guess I'll jump onto the bandwagon.

Well hope the rest of you guys are having a decent summer!


I'll be packing.